Mt Washington: done

So here I was, driving through the White Mountains after my late night drive across Maine, and I see some billboards saying “Mt Washington Auto Road”. Being the curious type I thought this sounded like a tourist opportunity to spend a few dollars from the comfort of my car. At this stage I hadn’t made the connection with the stickers I’d seen in various places…

After paying my $20 I did click, since my drive pack included the sticker and a CD to listen to on the way up and down. I must have been driving slow since I ran out of CD before I ran out of mountain both ways. I was stopping every two seconds to take a photo however…

hazy cloudy view

The road is very old, and has evolved from a horse drawn cart track which took four hours, to a road with a race that takes seven minutes. There are also people who like to set records for going up in novel ways, such as walking backwards (Goons anyone?).

Unfortunately it was cloudy and very windy at the top. Visibility was something like 20 meters and it was hard to stand still to take photos of nothing. Absolutely worth the trip!

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