God bless America

God has indeed blessed America, clearly humans are helpless to do anything to influence their surroundings by themselves. Gratitude for said blessing manifests itself in many ways, the most conspicuous of which can be seen below. There are probably others, but this one appealed to me more than the multitude of churches this wonderful country harbours.

god bless pizza boxes and all they contain

There are many things that god has blessed this country with. Here are a few personal highlights:

One of my favourites is the ability to get a huge piece of meat in a burger pretty much anywhere I go, I think I’m addicted. In a totally unrelated matter, there are tonnes of micro-breweries that allow one to get good beer, which may sometimes be a precursor to the aforementioned chunks of meat.

I like that my local supermarket (known as “Johnnies Foodmaster”) has that nice Barillia pasta for about $1 a packet.

I can watch baseball anytime I like. The Red Sox play pretty much every day, and NESN shows previous games even when they’re not. Thank you lord.

Despite my preconceptions of the locals, people generally think pre-emtive strikes are a bad idea. Driving through Southwest Harbour in Maine there were a bunch of people by the side of the road with signs saying things like “join us if you are concerned about the war in Iraq”. I didn’t even though I am concerned. I had some hills to climb and views to see. Anyway, very non-confrontational, and an interesting thing to see on a Saturday morning in rural America.

There are lots of cool places to visit from my base here in Boston, I have the aim of visiting a new state for each month I’m here. Other countries and their states count. So far I’m on track, ticking off Georgia, Maine and New Hampsire in the three months to date.

It’s green, and the trees aren’t all eucalyptus.

It’s old, not Europe old, but older than I’m used to nevertheless. This doesn’t have much to do with being blessed by god but I like it anway.

I really do like burgers.


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