Niagara Falls

So as part of my long weekend trip to Toronto, we went down to Niagara Falls for the afternoon. It’s only an hour or so drive so quite easily a day trip. Along the way we stopped near St Catherine’s for lunch at Treadwell, a nice new restaurant with nice food from local sources. I also had a nice beer, made by Great Lakes Beer I think.

Arriving in Niagara, we drove down the main street, which is a total smorgasbord of gaudy signs, and random tourist attractions. I’m sorry not to have a photo, but I was driving my rental.

The falls themselves are spectacular. About ten times as much water goes over the Canadian falls as the American ones, and the best place for viewing both is on the Canadian side. The Americans have built a tower/walkway that extends out over the river to get a better look at theirs.

About 6000 cubic meters of water goes over the falls each second. That’s a bit over 1 sydharb/day in standard Australian units, and it’s beautiful!

niagara falls + people

The rest of the pics are here.

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