So I went to Toronto for a long weekend to visit Julie. It’s a cool city, with lots of different things going on as one would expect for a city of about 2.5 million. We went to the CN Tower for a look, it’s the tallest building in the world at 553m. The view was pretty good, with the downtown area, Lake Ontario, and the Rogers center all in full view.

Rogers center from the tower

The glass floor is very popular.

My supervisor had said “dont’ go to Toronto in winter”, and the network of underground corridors in the center of town made me realise the seriousness with which he meant it. After catching the subway into town, the whole of the inner city is available without raising one’s head above ground, thus allowing one to shop till one drops, not because of cold, but from lack of funds.

We went for a drive up to Lake Simcoe, a lake about an hours drive north of the city. Most of the lakeside is taken near Keswick, where we went. We found a restaurant to stop at, and a lady lamented the influx of Torontonians and the lack of free space by the lake these days.

On Sunday we went down to a place with some DJ’s playing and people sitting on the grass by the beach. Very cool.

beach party by Lake Ontario

The rest of the photos are here.