Many things

Ok so long story short:

Peru: awesome. more to write on what I did there. over 600 photos beginning to get posted, probably 10 good ones…

Road trip: drove to Florida with Halv to visit Jose. passed sights such as America’s smallest church and Dizzy Gillespie’s birthplace. many silly photos to be posted, probably no good ones.

School: what’s that? new planet paper coming to an arXiv near you soon. devil in details as usual.

Turning 30: celebrated near Kennedy Space Center with Jose and Halv by drinking “Icehouse” beer that cost $4 for a six pack at 2am this morning after 1800 miles and twelve states in two cars from Boston. I’m not sure if I’ll celebrate by keeping or removing my terrible moustache.

Updates/stories/photos as I get back to normal, if I can remember what that is.

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