Cape Cod

Talk about your impromptu trips… Arriving home somewhat inebriated on Friday night, I booked a rental car for Sunday with vague plans of going somewhere, and sent a few invites. On Saturday I found that Fall isn’t really over yet, and decided Cape Cod would be a nice, near, new place to visit. Jill and Liz thought the same, so early Sunday we set off.

The car was a bit flasher than usual this time, with heated seats. Unfortunately the stereo was a little dated, not having an iPod jack. We managed to survive and overcome this deficiency by talking…

By the time we were on the Cape itself, it was getting a little ten o’clockish (as Pooh would say). We picked about the only place that looked open in Barnstable and wandered in for an excellent breakfast of eggs benedict. I’ve never been anywhere to eat where everyone got the same thing before.

Going in search of typical and interesting Cape Cod experiences, we first stopped at a beach. Being the time of year it is it was a little fresh out, and the water was pretty much as cold as it looked. We walked along it for a while anyway.

Jill and Liz at the beach

Next up was a more local experience, as we stopped at a road side barn sale. There was pretty much just junk for sale, and we pondered different means by which the purveyors of said junk had come to be in its possession. Perhaps by purchasing junk from the ubiquitous American “antique” shop? We didn’t think there was any way a person could acquire such a lamp collection by accident…

After passing a little lake in Nickerson State Park, we moved on to the Cape Cod National Seashore to tick off a lighthouse. We found it easily thanks to the excellent signage.

Lighthouse in national seashore

Continuing, and getting a little hungry, we went to the tip of the Cape to the lovely Provincetown. Being near the coast we had to have some seafood. I had fish and chips and a beer, yum. We walked off our late lunch by climbing to the top of the Pilgrim monument. The sign said a measly 112 steps, but I’m not sure that it explicitly said that most of the altitude is gained by walking up a big square spiral ramp.

BIG spiral ramp thing

The view from the top was nice, if a little breezy…

With the day nearly gone, we drove to the top end of the Cape for a quick photo before returning to the warmth of the car for the drive back to Boston.

Beach at the top of Cape Cod

We encountered some traffic at a few points, but nothing bad. Apparently the population of Provincetown grows from a few thousand, to something like 60,000 in summer, so I think we had it pretty easy. After a few glimpses of the sunset as we drove along random roads to avoid the traffic, we hit the highway proper.

The rest of the photos are here.

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