Laurie’s visit: Cape Cod

Hot on the heels of my previous trip to the Cape, I took Laurie out the for a drive last Sunday. Arriving somewhat late, the lady at the rental place gave me an upgrade and 10% off my car. Hello Chevy Impala SS with warmed leather seats and a somewhat decent rumble!

storm surf at cape cod

We stopped at my favourite breakfast place in Barnstable after a walk on the beach, and then went on to other beaches… There was a massive storm the night before, and there were bits of tree everywhere. The other sign of the storm, large waves, was still present, along with tonnes of surfers. We also saw whales much further out to sea, and other seashore wildlife.

horseshoe crab shell

We had an early dinner in Provincetown, and kind of saw the sunset up at Race Pt. We took our shiny car back to Boston…

mmmm big american car…

The rest of the photos are here.

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