Macbook Pro battery issues

This morning my macbook pro’s battery was clearly in trouble. It had been charging overnight, and was displaying 74%. I unplugged it for a while, and it went flat in half an hour. It then wouldn’t charge, remaining at 2-4% for an hour or so.

I found this article, showing how to reset the “system management controller.” I did this, and now the battery is charging as normal. No new battery for me! (for now at least)

UPDATE: Now my battery is completely screwed. iStat Pro tells me I have about 25% health and I usually get less than half an hour of charge. My computer tends to die randomly when the charge goes below half or so, so I just leave it plugged in all the time now. A trip to my local mac shop is order when I find time…

UPDATE AGAIN: Battery replaced for free!

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