New York

After a night of Manhattans and Nic’s home brew, I dragged myself off to South Station and headed for New York (again). The purpose being a few days hanging with old Massey mates Todd and Nick. Arriving in Chinatown, I headed north in the hope of seeing someting interesting before meeting up with the others.

First I stumbled upon a footbag (what we call hacky, but they’re good) competition. Those dudes were unbelievable, though looked rather cold in shorts and t-shirts.

people watching hacky, mostly

We were staying at some crazy place near Times Square, so had a look at the place before heading down to Ludlow St for a pub crawl. The bars there are nice, not too trendy or expensive (for NY), and most importantly very close to each other. They guys were a little jet lagged however, and we were home by a respectable 1am or so.

bright lights, etc.

In the cold light of the new day we wandered up to Central Park for a few band photos, and caught the subway down toward Chinatown for Nick to buy a handbag.

tree reflected in a tile

It was funny to see the people hocking fake Louis Vuitton bags, and hastily packing up their suitcases when police looked like coming by. Now I know what random dodgy looking people trundling suitcases around have in them.

from afar

We carried on down to see the huge Staten Is. queue, and take some pics of a very small Statue of Liberty. We stopped by Ground Zero, and took some photos through holes in the fence. The place is still a complete mess, as you might expect from such a massive project.

ex Twin Towers site

That done, we made our way back up to Times Sq area for some beers. Dinner was BBQ in a huge place, probably seated 500 at a time or something. Our food was good, and came fast… mmmm

Monday was hometime, good ol’ Chinatown bus. The rest of the photos are here.

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