I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving in beautiful Vermont, with much food and drink, and excellent company. We drove up Wednesday night, with old episodes of the Muppet show to keep us entertained. We didn’t get up until around midday the next day, as the house had a pool table. We did a small amount of exercise, going to a nearby waterfall.

looks cold…

I didn’t have much to do with meal preparation, but by dinner time a wonderful spread appeared. Though Steve made a good effort, there were many leftovers. There probaby still are…

Friday was a planned ski day, but copious rain and cold the day before made it a crappy option. We walked into Warren instead, since we had our warm gear on. Snowballs were thrown…


Saturday and Sunday I spent in concentrated effort trying to remember how to ride a snowboard. I had some success, if my inability to walk properly today is any indication. The conditions were typical for early season New England: not really enough snow to open, but going ahead and doing it anyway. Never before have I ridden over grass and small trees poking up through snow.

Despite ice, rock, and small tree issues, the setting is amazing, with ice covered trees lining the edges of the trails, and the beautiful views of the surrounding hills that accompany each chair ride (along with snow being blown in my face, another New England tradition I believe).

frozen lake near the house

We came back tired, relaxed, and unable to comprehend what the new week would bring back in the city. Cheers!

The rest of the photos are here.

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