Leopard upgrade

Being at Harvard means I can get computer software a little cheaper than normal, so I went out and picked out a copy of the latest OSX: Leopard 10.5. After holding off for a few days I popped the DVD in the good ol’ clunky sounding MacBook Pro drive, and let it do its thing…

After restarting it took something like an hour to check the DVD, and then at least that long again to do the install. I wasn’t paying attention too much. But it was long enough to cook and eat dinner, and for the Bruins to be 2-0 up against the Senators.

Successfully installed, it was time to find all the broken pieces and get them running again. Doing so was easy:

  • X11: The macsingularity.org site has a note and link to the macosforge X page, where I downloaded the X11 installer. I got 2.1.3 and it works nicely. The only trick was to remove a line setting the DISPLAY environment variable, which is not redundant in X11.
  • Growl: I didn’t have to do anything with growl, but the mail notification stops working. There is a workaround here that I haven’t gotten around to trying yet. More info in the forums.
  • .mac thingy in menu bar: Leopard has a .mac sync icon in the menu bar by default. You can get rid of it by ctrl-dragging it out of the bar.
  • Boinc: I use a few spare cpu cycles to look for alien signals from outer space. I had to reinstall boinc to continue doing so.
  • Gimp: I realised I was way out of date with my gimp installation, so got the latest copy.
  • Onyx: To keep my mac nice and tidy I use onyx to clean things up every once in a while. There’s a new version compatible with Leopard.
  • Aperture: I value my Aperture library a lot (A LOT) so don’t include it in my time machine backups. I don’t actually use time machine anyway (I do my own thing) so it’s not a problem.

Simple really. Upgraded without a missed step… but see these other posts for my issues with MySQL and php

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