How not to upgrade to wordpress 2.5

So I made a huge screw up last night, thinking I was smart enough to simply svn the new version of wordpress without doing all the sensible backing up normal people would do. Things got ugly very quickly, starting with a simple incompatibility of k2 RC3 with 2.5. I then made things worse by selecting the default theme or something and the whole install died.

Trying to fix things up by creating a new install in a new folder wasn’t working, until I realised the database was telling the new install is was in the folder wp, not my new wp25. Renaming the new install wp (as in the original working 2.3 install) made things get better quickly. I fetched the latest nightly of k2 (RC5) and things were looking up.

It then remained to copy across all the custom/upload stuff, such as wp-content/uploads and a few other bits and pieces such as custom css for k2. I think I’m back to normal now, and yes, of course I learned my lesson about backing up first.

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