Perth is nice: 2

Sunday was our chance to check the place out. We had a nice breakfast and then wandered through town. It’s clean, nice looking, and has pretty much the same stores as anywhere. The buildings look old in a nice classical way, not a run down one. It feels like it lacks the rough edges of Melbourne…

We caught the train/bus out to Freemantle. We paid $8 for a family ticket and didn’t show it to anyone once. Freemantle is nice, it feels a bit older and used. There are street performers and markets. It’s quite a tourist destination so is pretty crowded, especially around the markets.

We cam back and went to the reception, free food and drink. We searched for somewhere to eat after, and found an unfortunate pizza place. The chef was all ready to go home but got stuck making four more pizzas for us. I think we cheered him with a toast and buying lots of wine…


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