Switch between buttons in Mac OS X

Something that always bugged me about macs was the inability to do without a mouse. Having previously been a long time windows user I was adept enough to be able to do pretty much anything with just a keyboard. On the mac however, various things have always required a mouse, like clicking the OK button on various dialogue boxes.

So in an idle moment I was looking for a way to change the useless §/± button on my euro macbook to be the infinitely more useful ~/` button, and happened across the “Full keyboard access” option in the keyboard and mouse options. Ticking “All controls” allows you to tab between things just like the good old days!

I didn’t find how to change what the §/± button does. I think the euro layout is useless… I wonder if there is a deficit of Perl programmers in this part of the world just because they couldn’t find where the # key was? (and like me haven’t figured out how to type a # in Emacs…)

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