Aperture 3

So I went out and bought Aperture3, it’s nice and shiny and this time I was allowed an upgrade from the academic versions I’ve been buying. It seems nice with a few improvements.

One thing though, the Faces stuff allows the same person to be a photo multiple times. I can see where that might happen one in a while with reflections, but really? Only allowing a person to appear once would get rid of a lot of wrong suggestions for possible matches, which might help considering it seems to have enough trouble discerning between people and car tyres, trees, walls, anything…

On the upside, I identified Queen Victoria once (the statue with the new nose outside Buckingham Palace) and sure enough Aperture found her in another photo!

[I should add that there were absolutely no issues with upgrading my library (~10,000 images, ~100Gb) from Aperture2. Everything came over just fine, and I’ve not experienced any of the memory leaks being reported by others.]

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