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Grant wins!

Very fun event where UK school kids get to quiz scientists in real time. Crazy two weeks of intense chats!

England’s disallowed World Cup goal



May Bumps

I could never really make myself care about rowing, but the Bumps are a bit different since everyone goes (and about half get drunk). I think this time there’s good cause for everyone that’s shouting at the rowers. This seems to be roughly how it goes…

Bike on down

Bike on down

It's by a common... cow

Get a good vantage point

Get a good vantage point

Give chase

Give chase

Have a drink and a smoke

Have a drink and a smoke

Nearly bumped

Nearly bumped

There's always one...

There's always one...

Head home victorious

Head home victorious

Finally, get thrown in the Cam

Finally, get thrown in the Cam


To whoever sent us these t-shirts for Christmas: Thanks!

New t-shirts

New t-shirts

Guy Fawkes Fireworks

Fireworks as seen from our apartment

Fireworks as seen from our apartment

Halloween party

We had a Halloween housewarming party the other night. The decorations we crafted from the packaging that came with our Futon Company futon, the coffins, bats, spider webs, spiders. Not the pumpkins though…



Our House

Here’s a first look at our first house! This is a little one, and the real one (~120Mb) is here.

If it doesn’t work perhaps try updating your Quicktime plugin

Ath Giant festival

Police are always suspicious

Police are always suspicious

How not to dress as a photographer's assistant

How not to dress as a photographer's assistant

Saturday night

We went to a party on Saturday night, there were good cocktails and these yummy chilli roll things.

Dan and his glass(es)

Dan and his glass(es)

The cake

The cake

Bushfire light?

There’s been some crazy and beautiful light around Dunedin today, and probably over much of New Zealand. I bet it’s smoke from the fires in Australia: the result of the brutal summer they’re having.

Dunedin sunset

Dunedin sunset


A while ago I went to a party, at which this photo of an unnamed person was taken. See if you can guess the theme…


There are more photos here, but be warned…

Party, party, party

Friday cocktail party, Saturday Zoolander party, Sunday and Monday do nothing…

blue steel

Balloon festival 2

Using the panorama software Hugin I made another balloon picture. It’s rather more detailed than the last…

balloons over canberra

Balloon festival

Right now there is a hot air balloon festival here in Canberra. I had a nice view of it from afar on my way to school this morning.

balloons and parliament

Roller derby

We cruised out to Wilmington to see the roller derby on Saturday. Craziness.

girls at the roller derby

Aussie day

Australia day (try googling “invasion day“) was celebrated in proper tradition on Saturday, with footy on tv, at the Phoenix Landing, pies, and beer. Later Jill had a party with copious amounts of Australiana, like pav, koalas, coopers, and vegemite. Nice.

nz/australian invention

Independence Day

Along with lots of people who are real bona fide Americans, I celebrated July 4th yesterday. Every year Bostonians gather along the banks of the Charles River, to soak up the atmosphere, listen to some music, and watch a good ol’ fashioned fireworks show. This year they also got wet.

I took my camera for a walk along the esplanade around lunchtime, to see hundreds of people enjoying a lovely afternoon by the river. I didn’t go into the sound shell area, which was pretty packed having been open since 9am. A number of new citizens were sworn in, a little history was read out (the declaration also appears as the editorial in the Globe every year, thus saving the editor a days work).

people walking around in boxers?

After a ‘few’ celebratory cocktails with the Aussie/CfA crew, I returned to the river to watch the fireworks, in the rain unfortunately, but didn’t dampen our spirits…

july 4th fireworks

Photos here.

Harvard commencement

I always thought commencement was the start of the school year, but I was totally wrong. Oh well…

Harvard’s commencement was just this week, and I now realise why the gardeners were so keen to get the grass growing again after winter. The various yards around the university look totally green and beautiful right now, and this was no doubt appreciated (or taken for granted) by all who took part in the ceremonies this week.

I didn’t go since I wasn’t invited, but the highlight was probably the latin address. This is a speech given in latin every year by a student. It is supposed to be humourous and somewhat understandable to the layperson. The average Harvard going layperson that is.

Being the good geek that I am, I was reminded of this tradition by slashdot, which points to a video of this year’s speech. Unfortunately it is the whole mornings “exercises”, but if you skip to 1:09:50 then you’ll skip all the serious stuff.

Belated BDO pics

Man I forgot what using real film is like: take photos and then get the film developed thirteen months later when you find it lying around. The roll I just got done (under the name Grand, after taking a full minute to explain how to spell my last name I let the first go…) dates back past AFL grand final day last year to a trip out to the coast in April. It also has a bunch of Big Day Out pictures. It looks like I have a bit of a mullet hiding under my hat. Nice.


I can now say I’ve arrived in Boston, having attended a Red Sox game at America’s most beloved baseball field: Fenway Park. The game itself was exciting, with yet another sold out crowd (ever since May 15 2003 would you believe). Aside from the baseball which ‘we’ won, there were other highlights such as the seventh innings stretch (literally, everyone gets up and stretches… and then sings “take me out to the ball game”). We also sang “sweet caroline” at some point too. Truly a friendly family even for all to enjoy.

fenway panorama


Yeah you know what these are…

sox tickets!

Local music

Something I like about a number of the bars I go to around here is live music. I’m not sure if I’m just being inspired (read dragged along) by others, or if there really are more good bands playing here.

Last night we went to a CD release gig. Sam Bigelow is a local guy who plays piano and has a band. There was a lot of slow ballad type stuff, but my favourites where the good old fashioned twelve-bar blues numbers… speaking of blues, when I was in Atlanta a few months ago we saw a good band who came from Boston.

The next bar we went to (the Toad, someone told me it’s the basis for the hypnotoad in futurama, but I’m not sure. I can’t find any evidence on the web) had another good band, with a duelling guitar/fiddle duo.

Anyway, good live music in this country…

World Cup Cricket Final 2007

Oh dear… what a mess, just not cricket…

A large number of Aussies (and some Kiwis) gathered at Tommy Doyles Irish pub (where were the pies?) in Cambridge to check out the final of the cricket. Following a scintillating innings by Gilchrist, Sri Lanka struggled to keep up with the run rate.

In the end there were some communication issues and the game ended in the dark (and we were in the dark about what was happening…).

About time the Aussies gave someone else a go I think.

St Patrick's day in Boston

Boston is apparently the most Irish city in the USA. They make the most of this by having a huge parade through South Boston each year, which all those not too hungover from the Saturday night before attend. Halvar and I didn’t fall into that category so of we went.

It was pretty cold standing around watching various police, army, schools, local youth, and lots of guns of varying degrees of reality being wielded with varying degrees of sobriety parading past.

The best photo I took was of Dorothy’s mate the Tin Man. I missed the reasoning behind the costumes but they were handing out green lollies, which was god enough for me…

tin man

Highlight of the day was a guy in the parade spotting some kids in a back yard shooting hoops, requesting a ball, and downing a ‘nothing but net’ three from the street. He knew it was good the instant it left his hands and was twenty meters away by the time it went in. Nice.

Pics are here.

Sydney Big Day Out 07

I went to my first Big Day Out this week and it was huge! Thousands upon thousands (~55,000 in fact) of flag wearing Aussies made their way to the home of the 2000 Olympics to watch such acts as Muse, Tool, Jet, Lily Allen, John Butler etc. etc. I had a lovely day though was a little sore in the back by the time we got back to the hostel at about 2am.

We arrived nice and early, having already visited ATMS, thus avoiding any transport and 50m ATM queue woes. The audio provided by Jands was largely impressive, the stacks of 760’s in the Boiler Room sounded as clear and solid as anything I’ve heard before.

My favourite act of the day is hard to pick. James Taylor played some nice breaks, though very early in the day unfortunately. John Butler and his Trio had a banner saying ‘Nuclear Free Australia’ and encouraged people to vote in between paying an excellent set. Muse were awesome and energetic, with a good light show to go with. Tool were ok though I’m not a major fan… Shapeshifter have a singer now, and still at their best sans singer going fast with talented drummer and loud synth riffs.

Other highlights include the shiny solar-powered ‘Clubtainer’ in Lilyworld, and the walk-in pinhole camera…

After such a long day, we went for BK back in town and a wind-down beer at a quiet pub. Thanks Mary, Sayuri, Wolfi, and Emma for a rock ‘n’ roll day.

Photo will appear here soon.

Calendar of events for Big Day Out 2007 in Sydney

I’ve made a google calendar for the BDO07 which one can subscribe to via right clicking the following links:

xml | ical

I would suggest copying these into your own google calendar and setting up mobile notifications so you can get texts for each band on the day! The calendar is at this link.

Watch this space for edits…

footy finals fever

This time of year will always be dear to me, since it marks my birthday, the beginning of nice weather and the afl grand final. We spent a beautiful Saturday inside glued to a(nother) close run nail-biter between two teams from places other than Victoria, where the game originated.

In the end the West Coast won, by a single point, making something like a total of 12 points total difference scored between the two teams in their last several encounters.

We made it outside between quarters to kick around a small McDonalds footy and had a BBQ after.

PARSA 'Bling' Ball


That was the theme of the PARSA extravaganza (aka ball) this year, and there was plenty of cheap jewelery to be seen. Much of it from the ‘fun’ shop in town. I met a dude in awesome while tails that had the very same ‘888’ ring as me.

Congrats to the PARSA social team for organising such a fun event, cheers!

nice huh?

even more busy…

Well I’ve been far too busy to put anything here for another month or so. I did go to NZ for a wedding among other things…

Zoe and Jase

I also went down south and played in the snow on a drive with Laurie. Photos here.

Cocktail party 2006!

So a lot of people took a lot of photos. I’ll let them do the talking…






Multicultural festival

On only one day a year does the middle of Canberra actually look busy. The equivalent of Palmy’s International Festival has everything you could want to eat and drink, including Tui!

my Tui model

Cricket comes to Canberra

Yesterday we had an excellent day at the cricket, watching Johnny Howard’s Prime Minister’s XI play the ex-legendary West Indies. The game was at Manuka (say maa-na-ka) Oval, surrounded by trees and a few thousand people. The PM’s XI clocked up a lazy 316 or so in their 50 overs, and the West Indies made it to about 150 before the storm arrived. Thanks to the wonders of the Duckworth-Lewis system it was decreed that the Aussies were the winners.

lovely day for it

wrestling ladder match

We went to CPW Rage last night. Having finally made it to the depths of Tuggeranong (after a lap of Woden) we found ourselves in the ‘standing room only’ area at the back of Erindale PCYC (Police Community Youth Center).

Shane ‘Angel’ Walsh opened the event, exchanging slaps with ‘Enigma’. I know a lot of wrestling is very carfully engineered to avoid hurting anyone, but there is no way to make a slap in the face loudly audible to 300 people without some pain.

The final fight was a three way ladder match, featuring crowd favourite ‘Crofty the Kambah Klepto’, who made it up the ladders to the belt first after dropping ‘Rex’ (or maybe ‘Warlock’?) through his own table of death.

The highlight of the evening may have been seeing Helmut, Shane’s supervisor having himself what appeared to be an excellent time watching his student do something quite unrelated to dwarf ellipticals…

birthday thanks

haha good morning! thanks to all who came to my party last night, and thanks to the people who gave me gifts.

I went to the Roots Manuva concert afterwards, and it was pretty good. Respect to Ewan who got himself on stage and jumped around, and then surfed his way towards the back. I think Canberra needs a better concert venue though, the split level roof at ANU bar makes for a very loud an unintelligble space.

I have also survived my first AFL grand final, it wasn’t much of a game until the final quarter, when I was in the kitchen making pizza and bread rolls. oh well


well what can I say? last night (saturday 10th) Nick, Dan, Se Heon and I went to Capital Pro Wrestling’s ‘No Limits’ show in Jamison. We were a little apprehensive about the venue, it being a suburban pub and all, but it appears to just be a place where no-one goes to watch NRL finals.

Having paid our $10 we wandered in and very nearly doubled the crowd. The ring dominated the venue, with the top rope being almost as high as the roof. There were several calls of ‘watch your head’ during the evening.

There were five fights and several highlights. The first was the acrobatic antics of ‘Lightning Luke’, with many backflips. Off the top rope, off a table, and just off the ground as he battled the Warlock (Wooslock to some). The second was the unexpected appearance of Shane ‘Angel’ Walsh (so unexpected that Nick missed it because he was in the bathroom) with a chair to the back of Lightning Luke as he had the Wooslock in a death defying shoulder-ride leg-lock thing. The ‘future of CPW’ is obviously a bad dude…

Other highlights include the destruction of multiple baking trays, wet floor signs, one table of death, and some pieces of gib. The night ended with a double knock out due to simultaneous chair hits by ‘Rex’ and ‘Crofty the Kambah Klepto’. We definitely had a laugh and got our ten bucks worth of wrestling and rock n roll, cheers Shane.