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Aperture 3

So I went out and bought Aperture3, it’s nice and shiny and this time I was allowed an upgrade from the academic versions I’ve been buying. It seems nice with a few improvements.

One thing though, the Faces stuff allows the same person to be a photo multiple times. I can see where that might happen one in a while with reflections, but really? Only allowing a person to appear once would get rid of a lot of wrong suggestions for possible matches, which might help considering it seems to have enough trouble discerning between people and car tyres, trees, walls, anything…

On the upside, I identified Queen Victoria once (the statue with the new nose outside Buckingham Palace) and sure enough Aperture found her in another photo!

[I should add that there were absolutely no issues with upgrading my library (~10,000 images, ~100Gb) from Aperture2. Everything came over just fine, and I’ve not experienced any of the memory leaks being reported by others.]

Cambridge street

So here’s a street just over from where I now live. I snapped it on the way to school this morning. The original is somewhat disappointing…

street near my new home

street near my new home

This is adjusted a bit to cut back the sky at the end of the street and make it a bit more colourful.

nicer version

nicer version

And this one has had its levels fiddled to make it look like old cross processed film!

cross process version

cross process version

Ah, the possibilities…

Olympus 1030SW video problems

Not that I take videos with my little 1030SW very often, but when I do I’d at least like to be able to play them on my mac. As it was my Finder would crash every time I’d try and preview an AVI, or Aperture would crash on trying to import when these avi’s were present.

It turned out the problem was with the AviImporter Quicktime plugin, which I fixed by replacing it with the Perian plugin (in /Library/QuickTime). Now they play no worries.

Aperture, and keeping GPS metadata

So after starting to use Maperture to geotag my photos, I’ve discovered that exported versions don’t include the GPS EXIF data (masters are ok). A few people have noticed this problem(1, 2), and there is a “fix.” This fix involves storing your piccies outside the Aperture library, which seems like a really sucky option to me.

I’ve found that exporting a project, and then reimporting it is an alternative solution. Evidently something doesn’t get updated when Maperture changes the original files (though the metadata turns up in Apertures info), but this gets re-done when the project is reimported.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t support DNG files. It will let you try and tag them, and adds the “Geotagged” keyword, but doesn’t edit or add the GPS exif data.

Save more space on your Mac

I just remembered my Aperture 2 install came with a bunch of example projects, nearly 3Gb of them in fact. Go delete them from /Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Aperture/ to get your quickly disappearing space back…


iPod photo cache

Always running out of space on your computer? Have iTunes and an iPod or two, and a lot of photos? I just cleared out 3Gb of thumbnails for my iPods that I never look at. Just remove the folder “iPod Photo Cache” from your iPhoto or Aperture library.


Aperture vault backup speed

I recently realised (from the Aperture forums I think) that for the Aperture vault feature to work nicely one needs to have a Mac OS formatted drive to backup to. Previously my external drive was DOS formatted so I could read it from my PC, and the backup took forever. I also had this problem, which appears to have gone away, though I’m not sure if it was related. Now with my Mac OS Extended partition, the vault backup of my 25Gb library doesn’t even take a minute.