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Fall Colours

Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park


Algonquin Provincial Park

Algonquin Provincial Park

Lady Falls

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

Landslide Lake

Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island


off to Vancouver Island tomorrow and then Seattle for a week and a bit



So I went to Toronto for a long weekend to visit Julie. It’s a cool city, with lots of different things going on as one would expect for a city of about 2.5 million. We went to the CN Tower for a look, it’s the tallest building in the world at 553m. The view was pretty good, with the downtown area, Lake Ontario, and the Rogers center all in full view.

Rogers center from the tower

The glass floor is very popular.

My supervisor had said “dont’ go to Toronto in winter”, and the network of underground corridors in the center of town made me realise the seriousness with which he meant it. After catching the subway into town, the whole of the inner city is available without raising one’s head above ground, thus allowing one to shop till one drops, not because of cold, but from lack of funds.

We went for a drive up to Lake Simcoe, a lake about an hours drive north of the city. Most of the lakeside is taken near Keswick, where we went. We found a restaurant to stop at, and a lady lamented the influx of Torontonians and the lack of free space by the lake these days.

On Sunday we went down to a place with some DJ’s playing and people sitting on the grass by the beach. Very cool.

beach party by Lake Ontario

The rest of the photos are here.

Niagara Falls

So as part of my long weekend trip to Toronto, we went down to Niagara Falls for the afternoon. It’s only an hour or so drive so quite easily a day trip. Along the way we stopped near St Catherine’s for lunch at Treadwell, a nice new restaurant with nice food from local sources. I also had a nice beer, made by Great Lakes Beer I think.

Arriving in Niagara, we drove down the main street, which is a total smorgasbord of gaudy signs, and random tourist attractions. I’m sorry not to have a photo, but I was driving my rental.

The falls themselves are spectacular. About ten times as much water goes over the Canadian falls as the American ones, and the best place for viewing both is on the Canadian side. The Americans have built a tower/walkway that extends out over the river to get a better look at theirs.

About 6000 cubic meters of water goes over the falls each second. That’s a bit over 1 sydharb/day in standard Australian units, and it’s beautiful!

niagara falls + people

The rest of the pics are here.

Olympus 50-200 lens

mmmm expensive…

I’ve just become the proud new owner of the Olympus 50-200mm f2.8-3.5 zoom lens. It feels very well built, as it should for something that costs about a thousand dollars and weighs about a thousand grams.

My first chance to play with it was at Niagara Falls, where I got the chance to let the lens do what it does best: zoom and have a short depth of field, without the need to lug a tripod amongst hundreds of other tourists. Here’s one of my favs.

niagara falls

The rest of the Niagara Falls pics are here.


My trip has (not) started with a delayed flight. We were supposed to leave at `9:40 but now it’s going to be 21:45. The lady assured me any connecting flights would be rebooked, which matters since my flight through to Boston doesn’t exactly have a lot of wiggle room. It would be rather a pain if my trip started with a missed flight! They have started giving out free water, orange juice and biscuits. The type one gets in flight unfortunately.

I’m not excited yet, more nervous than anything else I think. The hassle of going through numerous security checks doesn’t help, though at least in NZ the people are friendly. I hear this doesn’t apply to American security.

The weather appears to be mild in Boston, only 1degC tomorrow. This should make it possible to wander around with pretty normal clothes, rather than a big jacket which I don’t have.

I’ve had an excellent trip through NZ the last week. The only person I missed seeing was Tom. Hiring a car was the best thing I’ve done for a trip like this, rather expensive but worth it for getting about and having freedom. A whole bunch of people are likely to come visit while I’m there. Julie is gong to be in Canada, as is Simon so they may visit. Laurie said he’d come over, despite never visiting me in Canberra. There are also a bunch of people who I can contact when I arrive, who are mates of people I know.