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How to make IDLWave work with Aquamacs and IDL 7.0

[this still applied when I installed IDL8.1]

It took me ages to find why my IDLWave wasn’t working with Aquamacs, and googling terms such as “idlwave aquamacs problem” didn’t help. It turns out the solution is given in a ITT tech tip. You basically have to add the IDL 6.4 help infrastructure to your 7.0 install since IDLWave expects the 6.4 structure.

I also found that putting /Applications/itt/idl/bin in my path was needed to make things work. I don’t know why I couldn’t just set the idlwave-system-directory but it didn’t seem to help. Once you’ve got it going, you do the IDLWAVE->Routine Info->Select Catalog Directories to make IDLWave scan all your directories for personal pro files, and you’re done!