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Olympus MF-1 OM adapter

So Christmas has been a great time for sitting in front of the TV doing pretty much nothing. It’s also a time to drink some beer and play with my camera. I am fortunate to have in my possession an old 50mm f3.5 zuiko OM macro, and to use it I went and bought the adapter Olympus have to use these old lenses on the new digital SLR’s. Really there’s little to review. At about US$100 it’s a pretty expensive annulus, which is rather tight to get both onto my E500 and the lens, but it’s fun, and worth it if you have old OM lenses you want to bring in to the digital age.

I haven’t used a macro much, but here’s part of the sticker on one of my favourite Magic Hat beers…

mmmm Magic Hat beer, fresh from Vermont

I also too a few photos of the cats we have here, and the good ol’ National Geographic world map.

where I live right now


Did I mention we have cats in our house? This is Jezebel.

little sniffy