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New Year Trip

Coming back from the new year in Melbourne I drove home the long way around the coast, about twice the distance but more than twice as beautiful! I stayed a night just south of the NSW/Vic border on the Princes Hwy at a place called Wallagaraugh Retreat. A nice camping ground next to a river with tonnes of space and not too many people.

Photos here

Late nights at xmas06

After each day of the xmas06 talks, many of us had a great time enjoying a few beverages and catching up. Russell and Deanna came all the way from Queensland and Melbourne respectively, and a number of Sydneysiders completed the excellent group of social astronomers that were let loose on an unsuspecting Canberra.

Cheers for two awesome and funny 4am nights guys, I might have won the iPod with and early night but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

Deanna’s photos here, mine here


I’ve been rather busy lately, so haven’t put much in here. I did visit Julie, Angus, Tim, Mel and Karyn in Melbourne a few weeks ago. I thoroughly recommend Cookie as a good place to eat out, the Thai Beef Salad was awesome!

I took a few photos along the Yarra and around Albert Park where the F1 is held, they are here. There are also some photos of the moon, from when I went outside at Stromlo with Leith one night.

Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles: done

This marks the first of my ‘major sights of Aussie’ checklist. I’m not going to go back and retrospectively tick off things I’ve already ‘done’, such as the MCG and Bondi beach though.

The Great Ocean Road extends South-West from Melbourne and passes such famous sites as Bells beach and the ~12 Apostles. I saw my first koala in a tree at a campsite and almost hit my first piece of native wildlife (hares don’t count). We spent three days there and it was excellent, reminiscent of parts of New Zealand in places where the tree ferns grew thick and it was very green, and also where macrocarpas lined the roadsides.

See the photos on the new photos page.

Travel to a new state!

I’ve now been to Victoria! 1500 or so kms later I’ve had a decent tour of the Hume and Monaro highways, as well as sampling a few of the beaches on the Aussie ‘Ninety Mile Beach’. Unlike the New Zealand version I think this one is actually about 90 miles long. It has many secluded beaches which are 10 or so kms off the main road, if you can find them…

I went from Canberra, up to Yass and then down to Melbourne through Albury. Then on the return trip we went east to Cann river and then up the Monaro highway through Cooma and home.

map of vic

If you look closely at the picture below you’ll see that the people in Vic are big on keeping their drivers awake…

look closely