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Journey to the End of Coal

Here’s an engrossing multimedia piece on coal mining in China.



Free Willy 3? Repeats of Ugly Betty and something about logging in Oregon? Way to go British television…


Aardman saves the planet

So if you loved the creature comforts animal interviews, then you’ll probably like these new animations where animals educate us on ways to save the planet before we wipe them out…


cool environmental video

Check this cool environmental video out, very cute


Human tetris

Human tetris!


Old School Muppets

These old muppet videos are awesome!

Rubiks cube and Honda ad

So this cool Honda ad grabbed me, and made me go hunting for videos of guru Rubik’s cube solvers. As with anything there are tonnes of videos out there… though most folks are too fast for the crappy quality of the small mov’s and wma’s. Here’s one that gives a bit of an idea, and there are tonnes more here


Terminator quote

“I call shotgun.” the reply: “I call 9mm.”



There are some clever ads on tv over here. Unfortunately they don’t always advertise products I would endorse or purchase. Here’s an excellent example from Bud


Flight of the Conchords in NY

NZ seems so much funnier when I’m not living there…

Flight of the Conchords has a show on HBO coming up, the trailer is very funny, as is the music video…

Black Sheep: done (well not done…)

I went with some people to see the movie Black Sheep recently, it was everything I expected it to be. It had blood, my old mate Nathan as the lead, and of course sheep jokes.

movie ticket

Thanks, Independent Film Festival of Boston!

Butchering Planet Earth

So the other day I watched one of the excellent BBC Planet Earth series on my computer, awesome.

Now I see the same episode here on American TV. they have replaced Sir David Attenborough‘s lovely narration with an American woman, and cut bits out so it feels rushed. Not so awesome.

New Zealand is too small…

So I arrive in Boston, and my friends show me a photo of a poster for a new movie, Black Sheep. I look at the picture for a second, and then realise I grew up about two doors down from the lead actor. We used to skate together back in the day…

movie poster

movie poster

Nice one Nathan!

back to the drawing board

This is the coolest whiteboard ever! The guy doesn’t seem all that excited about it unfortunately.

If you remember spending hours playing that old school game The Incredible Machine then you’ll love this…

and Trevor Mallard