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Belated BDO pics

Man I forgot what using real film is like: take photos and then get the film developed thirteen months later when you find it lying around. The roll I just got done (under the name Grand, after taking a full minute to explain how to spell my last name I let the first go…) dates back past AFL grand final day last year to a trip out to the coast in April. It also has a bunch of Big Day Out pictures. It looks like I have a bit of a mullet hiding under my hat. Nice.

Local music

Something I like about a number of the bars I go to around here is live music. I’m not sure if I’m just being inspired (read dragged along) by others, or if there really are more good bands playing here.

Last night we went to a CD release gig. Sam Bigelow is a local guy who plays piano and has a band. There was a lot of slow ballad type stuff, but my favourites where the good old fashioned twelve-bar blues numbers… speaking of blues, when I was in Atlanta a few months ago we saw a good band who came from Boston.

The next bar we went to (the Toad, someone told me it’s the basis for the hypnotoad in futurama, but I’m not sure. I can’t find any evidence on the web) had another good band, with a duelling guitar/fiddle duo.

Anyway, good live music in this country…

Custom internet radio.

I think there are a few things out there like this, the one I found (thanks Goldie) is Pandora.

Give it an artist or song you like and it goes off and finds music of a similar ilk. It’s been pretty clever with what I’ve asked it for so far…

John Digweed Radio

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Radio

Sydney Big Day Out 07

I went to my first Big Day Out this week and it was huge! Thousands upon thousands (~55,000 in fact) of flag wearing Aussies made their way to the home of the 2000 Olympics to watch such acts as Muse, Tool, Jet, Lily Allen, John Butler etc. etc. I had a lovely day though was a little sore in the back by the time we got back to the hostel at about 2am.

We arrived nice and early, having already visited ATMS, thus avoiding any transport and 50m ATM queue woes. The audio provided by Jands was largely impressive, the stacks of 760’s in the Boiler Room sounded as clear and solid as anything I’ve heard before.

My favourite act of the day is hard to pick. James Taylor played some nice breaks, though very early in the day unfortunately. John Butler and his Trio had a banner saying ‘Nuclear Free Australia’ and encouraged people to vote in between paying an excellent set. Muse were awesome and energetic, with a good light show to go with. Tool were ok though I’m not a major fan… Shapeshifter have a singer now, and still at their best sans singer going fast with talented drummer and loud synth riffs.

Other highlights include the shiny solar-powered ‘Clubtainer’ in Lilyworld, and the walk-in pinhole camera…

After such a long day, we went for BK back in town and a wind-down beer at a quiet pub. Thanks Mary, Sayuri, Wolfi, and Emma for a rock ‘n’ roll day.

Photo will appear here soon.

Calendar of events for Big Day Out 2007 in Sydney

I’ve made a google calendar for the BDO07 which one can subscribe to via right clicking the following links:

xml | ical

I would suggest copying these into your own google calendar and setting up mobile notifications so you can get texts for each band on the day! The calendar is at this link.

Watch this space for edits…