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banana cake

After my dodgeball injury I thought I should take it easy for a day. It hasn’t been sunny enough to take it easy in my hammock, so I’ve watched cricket and baked banana cake instead. There’s nothing special about this particular recipe, but the results are rather tasty.

Banana cake

200g butter
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
4 or so old bananas
3 cups self raising flour
some milk

Pre-heat oven to 160ish. Melt the butter a bit in the microwave and mix well with the sugar, then mix in the eggs. Mash the bananas in another bowl and then mix into butter mixture. Mix flour in gradually, adding milk to keep un-dough like if necessary. Pour out into greased baking tins and bake for about about half an hour, or until done.


I have succesfully made my first ever batch of marmalade! It did have to be boiled up twice, with extra lemons added the second time to give it some solidity (thanks Jo). Sunny did ask something like ‘what the hell is that?’ as I was spreading it on my bread with peanut butter, and I must admit it isn’t the best looking stuff ever. It seems to have gone all cloudy, partly due to the extra lemons, which were put in the blender.

But never mind, the taste is excellent, the key may be soaking the fruit in water overnight first before boiling it up. Aparrently this gives it the slightly bitter taste, which is lovely. Next time I’ll look into getting seville oranges or something, rather than the month old ones that were going to be chucked out if I didn’t cook them. I’ve put Jo’s recipe, which I used, below:

Seville marmalade

3 seville oranges = 3.5 lb
1.5 pint water (900ml)
2 lb sugar (500g)
half pint lemon juice (300ml)

Cut oranges in half and take out pips (soak pips in 1/2 pint water).
Slice oranges and put in 1 pint water and soak for 24 hours (this gives it the bitter taste).

The next day take sliced oranges in their water with lemon juice and water strained from the pips and boil in pressure cooker for 15 minutes. Then take lid off pressure cooker and add sugar. Boil till set (ie. if you take some out and leave it on a spoon it should set).