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Snowboard video

Here’s a clever intro to a snowboard video. Well I think so since the site is in French…



So the coolest thing about snowboarding in places that aren’t New Zealand is trees. I just spent three days snowboarding through trees at Sugarbush resort in Vermont. Some times they were spaced nicer than others, but there was generally a ton of powder on the way through… it’s times like those that there just isn’t time to take photos, and I can’t be bothered carrying my camera, so you’ll just have to picture me cruising through silky powder in beautiful birch and pine glades…

Snowboarding at Sugarbush

Fresh from the Thanksgiving trip, I was ready for another trip to the snow in Vermont. Jen and I headed out nice and early on Friday, to avoid both work and potential traffic issues… Arriving safely, we relaxed with other relaxed house residents.

There was still some nice snow lying around from the huge, early season dump earlier in the week, and conditions were pretty good. Plenty of people turned up on Saturday to check out the first real weekend of the season, which in the second week of December is pretty exciting if the rest of the season continues in the same fashion. With the whonle mountain open, our options were pretty good. Some trails were still suffering from the grass/trees/rocks poking through thing, but on the whole I was pretty impressed and had an enjoyable day.

The evening brought an excellent meal, and coming a close second playing Taboo…

Sunday was a little hard to get out of bed, but we still managed a reasonable day. I lugged my camera around for a fun from the top, quite a different way to ride when I was looking for nice pics rather than silly things to do on the trail edges.

nice views from the hill

I managed to ride along a get some almost action shots too…

riding along trails

Good times, the rest of the photos are here.

Winter is a comin’

There were wisps of snow as I walked to school this morning… and I’ve just taken delivery of my new snowboard!

Today it’s actually snowing…

snow outside my office window