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NZL 3 – IND 1



England’s disallowed World Cup goal




I went spearfishing for the first time this morning. As you can tell from his face my brother was stoked!

my bro in the cold Dunedin water

my bro in the cold Dunedin water







All Blacks

39-10 thank you. Go All Blacks.


Human tetris

Human tetris!


extreme skateboarding

this skateboarding video intro is pretty nuts


Roller derby

We cruised out to Wilmington to see the roller derby on Saturday. Craziness.

girls at the roller derby

BU Hockey

These are the cute kids that played at halftime during the BU game I went to

kids on ice

Rubiks cube and Honda ad

So this cool Honda ad grabbed me, and made me go hunting for videos of guru Rubik’s cube solvers. As with anything there are tonnes of videos out there… though most folks are too fast for the crappy quality of the small mov’s and wma’s. Here’s one that gives a bit of an idea, and there are tonnes more here



pats lose! so long for the pursuit of perfection…



So walking out of the Sam Adams brewery tour, we were coaxed in the back door of the 2008 NEBSRA Winter Nationals. Free beer and loads of entertainment. (NEBSRA = New England Belt Sander Racing Association)

There’s a collection of videos here.


BU Hockey

“sasquatch! sieve! sasquatch! sieve! sasquatch! sieve!.” to understand that you’d have to go to a BU Hockey game… well worth it in my opinion.


Celtics v Raptors

they lost due to poor d-fense


So the coolest thing about snowboarding in places that aren’t New Zealand is trees. I just spent three days snowboarding through trees at Sugarbush resort in Vermont. Some times they were spaced nicer than others, but there was generally a ton of powder on the way through… it’s times like those that there just isn’t time to take photos, and I can’t be bothered carrying my camera, so you’ll just have to picture me cruising through silky powder in beautiful birch and pine glades…

Red Sox World Series Parade

So fresh back from driving around New England I thought I was going to get some work done… but no. I couldn’t miss the Red Sox parade in town after their triumphant and decisive win over the Rockies. Thousands upon thousands of people turned up, among them drunken teenagers and rather quieter old gentlemen.

There were chants of “Yankees suck!” and the like. I think people need to get over the Yankees, they didn’t even make the ALCS. The sign saying “Jeter drinks wine cooler” was good however…

cheering the sox

The rest of the photos are here.

America’s cup excitement

I never thought listening to America’s Cup racing via radio on the internet would be that exciting, but Team NZ proved me wrong today by coming back from behind on the last leg to win the third race of the series. They has a huge 1.5 minute lead on the first leg, lost it, and somewhow managed to win. Where are my red socks..?


I can now say I’ve arrived in Boston, having attended a Red Sox game at America’s most beloved baseball field: Fenway Park. The game itself was exciting, with yet another sold out crowd (ever since May 15 2003 would you believe). Aside from the baseball which ‘we’ won, there were other highlights such as the seventh innings stretch (literally, everyone gets up and stretches… and then sings “take me out to the ball game”). We also sang “sweet caroline” at some point too. Truly a friendly family even for all to enjoy.

fenway panorama


Yeah you know what these are…

sox tickets!

World Cup Cricket Final 2007

Oh dear… what a mess, just not cricket…

A large number of Aussies (and some Kiwis) gathered at Tommy Doyles Irish pub (where were the pies?) in Cambridge to check out the final of the cricket. Following a scintillating innings by Gilchrist, Sri Lanka struggled to keep up with the run rate.

In the end there were some communication issues and the game ended in the dark (and we were in the dark about what was happening…).

About time the Aussies gave someone else a go I think.

Snow and cricket

Today it snowed. A lot. In fact it’s still snowing outside right now. There is a nice little snow bank building up next to the fence and there’s a weird light outside as if the sun didn’t quite go all the way down.

I left school a bit after 2pm and watched the second innings of NZ vs. England live from the Caribbean in a reasonably warm bar with cold beer. I can now say I’ve trekked through snow to watch cricket…

halv + snow

This is Halvar outside after the game. He’s doing thumbs up because we beat the poms.

cricket: game three

This week saw our way to an easy victory, and my first catch of the season! I started out very shaky with the ball wobbling in a disturbing way after passing the bat, and giving myself a rather blue finger. I had it together by the time the first catch came however…

Three more catches followed as we kept the opposition to a paltry 129. Our pom Ian smashed 28 off a single over on his way to 75 not out and an early beer when we finished around 4:30.

Running stats:
batting total: 56
average: 28
catches dropped: 1
catches gloved: 4
byes: about 10
bruises: 4
times fainted: 0

cricket: game two

Our team crashed back to earth with a fairly lame defeat on Saturday. It was a freezing day and we scored a paltry 170ish, of which I only contributed 19. I also broke my bat somewhat thanks to a series of excellent yorkers from the guy who eventually bolwed me, doh!

For the record:

Running stats:
batting total: 56
average: 28
catches dropped: 1
catches gloved: 0
byes: about 10
bruises: 3
times fainted: 0

cricket: game one

This was the first game in many years…

It was a terribly windy day down at the Mint, about 30 degrees and a bit of a rough day for my re-introduction to the classic game that is cricket.

With our team batting first, I had to wait until the final ten overs to have a hit. I managed a thigh bruising 37 not out before we had to stop for a spot of lunch (which I neglected to bring)

Already tired and hungry, we went out to field, with me keeping wickets for the first time in about ten years. My aim was to let less than 12 byes past, that allowing for three lots of four byes. Instead I kept it to a measly four, though I think the umpires missed a few. I almost had a clean catching slate, but failed to glove a pretty simple chance keeping up to an offspinner.

Overall I was pretty happy with the game, I didn’t faint after approximately 240 crouches and could still walk the next day (though the stairs were a little difficult).

Running stats:
batting total: 37
average: 37
catches dropped: 1
catches gloved: 0
byes: 4
bruises: 2
times fainted: 0

footy finals fever

This time of year will always be dear to me, since it marks my birthday, the beginning of nice weather and the afl grand final. We spent a beautiful Saturday inside glued to a(nother) close run nail-biter between two teams from places other than Victoria, where the game originated.

In the end the West Coast won, by a single point, making something like a total of 12 points total difference scored between the two teams in their last several encounters.

We made it outside between quarters to kick around a small McDonalds footy and had a BBQ after.

Footy tipping

I’d just like to bring your attention to how well I’m doing in the Mt Stromlo AFL Footy tipping competition. Considering I come from New Zealand, a place where sportsmen who punch people in the guts actually get penalised for it, rather than cause a debate whether he was going for the ball or not, I think I’m doing quite well.

I’ve already topped the tipping one week already, and am placed nicely in the ladder, go check out my progress at Laura’s AFL page

Poker night

We had the sceond in our monthly series of poker nights recently. We each started with about $30,000 (though you can call a chip what you like I guess) and by the end of the night Dan had something like $180,000. In reality he walked away with the princely sum of $30, with which he will buy ‘supplies’ for the next night.

I started strongly with a few good two pair hands, but simply couldn’t compete with the likes of Nic’s handful of flushes and straights. My downfall came when I had a nice three of a kind destroyed by Amanda’s straight. There’s a photo or two here. Better luck next time…

dodgball ladder

The great JBE f. BMJ are second on the table, our progress can be tracked at the NICC website

the Josh Blackman experience feat Bad Man Jose beats the Hoffs…

The Josh Blackman Experience feat Bad Man Jose has continued to shine since our consolation grand final victory. This culminated in the victory today over ‘the Hoffs’. Admittedly we only had three players and one of their guys filled in for us for half the game. He stopped when they were losing at half time. They had also played a game just before.

Nonetheless it was a victory we probably would have had with our normal team. What else can stand in the way of us and a real grand final victory? (except the ‘Dominators’ and presumably some other champion teams)

wrestling ladder match

We went to CPW Rage last night. Having finally made it to the depths of Tuggeranong (after a lap of Woden) we found ourselves in the ‘standing room only’ area at the back of Erindale PCYC (Police Community Youth Center).

Shane ‘Angel’ Walsh opened the event, exchanging slaps with ‘Enigma’. I know a lot of wrestling is very carfully engineered to avoid hurting anyone, but there is no way to make a slap in the face loudly audible to 300 people without some pain.

The final fight was a three way ladder match, featuring crowd favourite ‘Crofty the Kambah Klepto’, who made it up the ladders to the belt first after dropping ‘Rex’ (or maybe ‘Warlock’?) through his own table of death.

The highlight of the evening may have been seeing Helmut, Shane’s supervisor having himself what appeared to be an excellent time watching his student do something quite unrelated to dwarf ellipticals…

dodgeball champions!

Having played a paltry 5 or so games of dodgeball to date, someone appears to have felt sorry for us and gave us a ‘consolation grand final’ to play yesterday.

We certainly rose to the occasion, though got off to a bit of a slow start. By the final quarter we had the game wrapped up with three consecutive ‘sixes’ and a finale score of 25-9.

Our prize was a jug of ‘something’, though we presumed this excluded the top shelf. In light of the night before this was probably a good thing anyway. We got it filled with coke…

We also got real prizes. We are now the proud owners of a Hahn beer glass (which came with a free refill…) and a school bag.

dodgeball II (and associated injury)

Unfortunately (for the team) the Josh Blackman Experience feat Bad Man Jose couldn’t pull together for a win this week. I felt a certain sense of deja vu as we lined up to play the same team as last week. We did fare rather better than our previous effort, but still trailed 33-25 at the end of the fourth…

Unfortunately (for me, and the team one might argue) I damaged my leg with the first throw of the day, and spent the rest of the game limping like a lame duck. Pat and I think there’s something unnatural about trying to throw something the size of a netball as if it were a cricket ball, particularly sidearm.

On the advice of my physio I’ve definitely hurt myself in some way, but how exactly we’re not sure…that’s what you get for calling your brother in a different country and expecting him to figure diagnose the problem by phone.


what a game! i’ve never seen the movie, and don’t know the history or the game if it has one, but there is a thriving league here. “The Joshua Blackman Experience feat Bad Man Jose” of which i am part have played two games. one loss, one win. Perhaps today we suffered the loss of both Mr Blackman and the Bad Man himself, as we had only five players (of a possible six) for three quarters. We were bolstered by ‘Craig’ in the fourth, but unfortunately it was to no avail, as we lost something like 48 to 20.

the excitement for $6 is quite a bargain, and the view from the bar isn’t to be sneezed at either. bring on the next game…

next day edit: ouch. there’s a whole bunch of new muscles involved in this game. i guess that’s what you might expect when you spend half an hour trying to throw something like a netball as if it were a tennis ball.


well what can I say? last night (saturday 10th) Nick, Dan, Se Heon and I went to Capital Pro Wrestling’s ‘No Limits’ show in Jamison. We were a little apprehensive about the venue, it being a suburban pub and all, but it appears to just be a place where no-one goes to watch NRL finals.

Having paid our $10 we wandered in and very nearly doubled the crowd. The ring dominated the venue, with the top rope being almost as high as the roof. There were several calls of ‘watch your head’ during the evening.

There were five fights and several highlights. The first was the acrobatic antics of ‘Lightning Luke’, with many backflips. Off the top rope, off a table, and just off the ground as he battled the Warlock (Wooslock to some). The second was the unexpected appearance of Shane ‘Angel’ Walsh (so unexpected that Nick missed it because he was in the bathroom) with a chair to the back of Lightning Luke as he had the Wooslock in a death defying shoulder-ride leg-lock thing. The ‘future of CPW’ is obviously a bad dude…

Other highlights include the destruction of multiple baking trays, wet floor signs, one table of death, and some pieces of gib. The night ended with a double knock out due to simultaneous chair hits by ‘Rex’ and ‘Crofty the Kambah Klepto’. We definitely had a laugh and got our ten bucks worth of wrestling and rock n roll, cheers Shane.