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Bushfire light?

There’s been some crazy and beautiful light around Dunedin today, and probably over much of New Zealand. I bet it’s smoke from the fires in Australia: the result of the brutal summer they’re having.

Dunedin sunset

Dunedin sunset

Best weather report ever

This site tells you whether you’ll need to take an umbrella each day, based on your zip code. So simple.


Nothing to do

The weather was rubbish all night, so I had nothing to do. I took a photo just before bed time when I was refilling the dewar…

filling the dewar

More photos here

Falling limbs

So picture this: You park your car under a tree, and overnight it snows. A huge branch gets more snow than it can handle, and falls, smashing in the back window of said car. Bummer. It continues to snow, filling up the back of your car with snow. People like me walk past one their way home and go, “man that sucks.”


Walking home last night

the CfA (or CAF as Dave would have it)

The view out my window this morning

view from my window

There’ snow business like…

The storm from the other day was amazing. Being a walker it didn’t affect anything I did, unless you count stomping through knee deep powder in Cambridge Common to take photos…


I took a bunch more photos, which are here.

stone in Harvard

Winter has arrived…

I walked home through at least six inches of powder this evening. It’s not quite as good as riding through it on a ski field, but still amazingly beautiful. Photos to follow tomorrow hopefully…

Here it’s called a “snow emergency,” but to me it’s just fun!


Winter is a comin’

There were wisps of snow as I walked to school this morning… and I’ve just taken delivery of my new snowboard!

Today it’s actually snowing…

snow outside my office window

Laurie’s visit: Driving around New England

So we went for a drive around New England… Going through New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Fun!

We started by heading west on the 2, happening past good ol’ Walden pond on a rainy morning. We stopped in for a look. I think it must be nicer in summer, when people go there to swim. There’s a replica of Thoreau’s cabin to look at, but not a lot else…

Carrying on west we stopped at The Clark for lunch and a walk around the galleries there. Throughout western Mass there were lots of wonderful fall colours.

view from a bridge

We then cut across a wee bit of Vermont and up to the bottom of Lake George in NY for the night. We stayed at the first of four excellent, typical, cheap hotels.

In the morning we caught some sunrise over the lake, and headed up beautiful 9N toward Ticonderoga. Somewhere along the way we hopped out for a walk though the foliage.

fall forest

We moved on up to Ticonderoga to find the fort closed for the season, so had lunch by the cute little waterfall in town instead. After lunch we headed up and out of New York in to Vermont, across some hills, and stopped in Barre for the night.

Saturday was rather yucky, so we spent most of it driving in the car. We went across to the White Mountains, going up through Franconia Notch, and up into Maine. Around there it feels very remote and rural, with lots of lakes and roads going through trees. It felt like somewhere we should have seen a moose or a bear, but we didn’t.

maine roads

With the weather still pretty average we headed toward Acadia, and stayed the night at a Super 8 in Bangor.

We cruised out to Acadia for the day on Sunday. It was sunny but pretty cold in the wind, so we went for a walk to the top of a large rock. The fall colours alongside a beautiful clear lake were rather nice.

Acadia by Jordan Pond

Back in the warmth of the car we drove around the one way circuit, and saw a moose! Some people were stopped somewhat badly in the road, but we forgave them when we saw why.


After the moose we nearly ran over several deer, it being near dusk. We popped up Cadillac Mt for a look at the sunset before having lobster for dinner in Bar Harbour, and moving out to Ellsworth for the night. Unfortunately our cheap motel didn’t have the baseball, so we caught some of the last World Series game on the radio. I was so tired from the epic game the night before I couldn’t last, and heard about the win the next morning…

NH beach

Monday was spent driving back to Boston, with a few sidesteps along the way to walk along the beach. We made it back at a respectable hour for some well needed sleep…

The rest of the photos are here.

Adirondacks trip

Despite having been there for three days, I still feel an urge to call the place the Adrionacks. I have no idea why.

So on Friday I picked up my rental, which I called my Sega Saturn, since it felt rather like a small toy. However, the kind people at Alamo have scored 2/2 with places to plug my ipod into the stereo, nice!

I drove off toward upstate NY a bit after lunchtime, in the hope of catching a few covered bridges in Vermont on the way. I was quickly rewarded, seeing one (number 1 in fact) in New Hampshire before I even got near Vermont. I picked up another before leaving covered bridge country for some state park in the bottom left of Vermont. I found my way up towards Ticonderoga, where I thought I’d have a quick look at the fort there, before heading on to my campsite.

a very New England thing

Unfortunately I hadn’t checked things out, and my map was none the wiser (if I’d looked closer I would have been fine). One can’t actually drive across Lake Champlain to get to Ticonderoga. There is a ferry! Not being accustomed to these things I wasn’t expecting it… It turns out I’d also arrived 15 minutes after the ferry closed for the day so missed out there, and drove another half our to go the landlubber’s route.

Fort Ticonderoga was closed, being a 9-5 kind of fort, so I took some pictures of the moon and the lake instead. I then went on to Rogers Rock campground, situated on the shores of Lake George and near the top end of the beautiful route 9N. Nothing much eventful happened at the campground. I saw a firefly which was cool.

The next day I drove along the lake down route 9N, hoping to see as much as possible before the forecast crappy weather set in. I made it all the way up to Newcomb for a walk near the Visitor Center before it started to drip. I was constantly harassed by bugs on that walk, and covered my silly straw hat (see here) in DEET, and wore it, from that point on. I had lunch at Long Lake, and continued up to Lake Placid (I didn’t see any crocodiles), proud home of two (count ’em) winter Olympics.

hazy hills along Lake George

The town itself is a typical American tourist trap, but there are some cool things nearby. Whiteface Mountain has a ski field on it, so I thought I’d go have a look. I was astonished at the size of it, mainly since I knew it is about the same height as the peaks I was planning on scaling the next day. Feeling a little shaken, I thought I conquer this one by driving, after my nice Mt Washington experience of peaks with roads.

I paid my $9 (Mt Washington = $20) and cruised up. There are nice views of Lake Placid and the general area, but the coolest things are a castle at the top of the road, and an elevator the rest of the way! Being a typical mountain in its geometry, the elevator base is a hundred meters or so into the hill. Very cool. Unfortunately it was very cool and totally cloudy at the top so all I saw was a sign saying how high Whiteface Mtn is.

By now the day was waning, so I drove towards my campsite, stopping past the Ausable Club to check out the starting point for the next day. I stayed at Sharp Bridge for the night, the highlight being sitting in my car with a few beers listening to the pouring rain.

Sunday started all foggy, and off I went to bag me some peaks… (which is another story).

The drive back after my epic trek was rather long, slow, and boring. I took some photos of a nice sunset somewhere along the 2East, and got back about midnight.

my new lens has funny reflections in it

Excellent trip, the rest of the photos are here.

Spring has sprung

Spring has come on quickly here. Just over a month ago there was a snowstorm, and now the trees are leafing up and there is grass. This is the view out my bedroom window. I’ll take one every few days and make a year round montage like the one I did for the construction of the AITC at Mt Stromlo.

the view out my window in Boston

The grass has been encouraged heavily, the harvard gardeners are evidently under strict instruction to re-sow the lawns as soon as possible to keep the tourists who come to touch John Harvard’s foot happy. If only they knew what the students did to it


It was really cold today, like -10degC. How does it get that cold? I survived the 25 minute walk to school ok, though I was glad to be in the warm when I arrived…

I’m getting settled in somewhat, at school anyway now that I’ve almost run out of procrastination type things to stop me from doing some science for a change.


My trip has (not) started with a delayed flight. We were supposed to leave at `9:40 but now it’s going to be 21:45. The lady assured me any connecting flights would be rebooked, which matters since my flight through to Boston doesn’t exactly have a lot of wiggle room. It would be rather a pain if my trip started with a missed flight! They have started giving out free water, orange juice and biscuits. The type one gets in flight unfortunately.

I’m not excited yet, more nervous than anything else I think. The hassle of going through numerous security checks doesn’t help, though at least in NZ the people are friendly. I hear this doesn’t apply to American security.

The weather appears to be mild in Boston, only 1degC tomorrow. This should make it possible to wander around with pretty normal clothes, rather than a big jacket which I don’t have.

I’ve had an excellent trip through NZ the last week. The only person I missed seeing was Tom. Hiring a car was the best thing I’ve done for a trip like this, rather expensive but worth it for getting about and having freedom. A whole bunch of people are likely to come visit while I’m there. Julie is gong to be in Canada, as is Simon so they may visit. Laurie said he’d come over, despite never visiting me in Canberra. There are also a bunch of people who I can contact when I arrive, who are mates of people I know.

So long for continental weather…

Last week it snowed, today it’s 34 degrees and there’s a total fire ban. Nice

the start of summer

Hannah, Michelle and I marked the start of summer by spending as much time in my car as we did on the beach in the first trip to the coast of the season. A lazy two hour drive to Batemans Bay and several hours spent lying in the sun, followed by the two hour return was a great way to while away the public holiday that was Monday.


footy finals fever

This time of year will always be dear to me, since it marks my birthday, the beginning of nice weather and the afl grand final. We spent a beautiful Saturday inside glued to a(nother) close run nail-biter between two teams from places other than Victoria, where the game originated.

In the end the West Coast won, by a single point, making something like a total of 12 points total difference scored between the two teams in their last several encounters.

We made it outside between quarters to kick around a small McDonalds footy and had a BBQ after.

A local tornado

We had our own mini tornado on Stromlo the other day when a large amount of control burning was being done…

tornado from afar


You may have heard about the devastating cyclone that hit the Northern Territory a few months ago. The banana crop was basically wiped out, as you can see…



is it summer yet? i think it must be getting close. with the official start of spring over month ago, and my having used sunscreen twice in the last three days, indications are that the weather is improving markedly. we have also recently seen the back of the tri-nations, afl and league grand finals, (we’ve also seen the ashes, but no matter).

i did a little research into the matter by laying on coogee beach for a decent part of saturday afternoon to confirm my suspicions. i also regretted my decision not to wear jandals and shorts as i walked around darling harbour and the chinese gardens with laurie and jo on sunday. so in conclusion, roll on summer and beaches and frisbee!