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Upgrading to 2.8

Oooh wordpress 2.8! Don’t forget to disable your plugins before you upgrade, or you’ll get a blank screen like I did (caused by K2 disable widgets plugin which I shouldn’t be using anyway). If you don’t and get the blank screen, go to your wp-content folder and rename the plugins directory to something else. Then the plugins will be disabled and you can go to the web interface (after restoring the plugins folder to its previous name) and re-enable them one by one until something breaks…

Also, I use svn to get my wordpress, and you might notice that the recommended address has moved. I first did the upgrade with the old address, and then changed it with the command

svn sw --relocate http://svn.automattic.com/wordpress/tags/2.8 http://core.svn.wordpress.org/tags/2.8

How not to upgrade to wordpress 2.5

So I made a huge screw up last night, thinking I was smart enough to simply svn the new version of wordpress without doing all the sensible backing up normal people would do. Things got ugly very quickly, starting with a simple incompatibility of k2 RC3 with 2.5. I then made things worse by selecting the default theme or something and the whole install died.

Trying to fix things up by creating a new install in a new folder wasn’t working, until I realised the database was telling the new install is was in the folder wp, not my new wp25. Renaming the new install wp (as in the original working 2.3 install) made things get better quickly. I fetched the latest nightly of k2 (RC5) and things were looking up.

It then remained to copy across all the custom/upload stuff, such as wp-content/uploads and a few other bits and pieces such as custom css for k2. I think I’m back to normal now, and yes, of course I learned my lesson about backing up first.


I’m in the process of upgrading to 2.5, and doing a very bad job…


Workaround for scripts in WordPress K2 HTML sidebar module

I found the other day that I couldn’t create a del.icio.us link roll on my K2 sidebar. There is some problem where it doesn’t like <script> tags in the “Text, HTML, and php” module, and won’t save. I’m not the only one who has had this problem. It might be platform dependent, since it works on my mac, but not on the solaris based computer hosting this blog.

I found I can get around the problem by exporting the working sidebar settings from my mac, and importing them to the real wordpress site. Another way is to create a dummy HTML module, and then edit it, replacing the dummy text with the <script> code. The number just before the text is the number of characters in the text, and needs to be correct.

css fiddling

So after looking at photomatt.net I thought I’d muck around with some of the k2 css… my additions/modifications are here.



So I spent way too much time this afternoon updating to wordpress 2.3.1, the newest revision of my theme K2, and deciding to stop the whole embedded gallery thing. I think everything still works.

What is the point of tags, when I already have categories?


fingers crossed

Ok, so someone started messing around with wordpress v2.3 before they should have, and ended up going back to v2.1 so the photo stuff still works. Hopefully I didn’t break anything…



So being a guy I like new toys, and in this modern age it’s possible to get new ‘toys’ without spending any money (though spending gets you better toys I think. e.g. my macbook which is still awesome).

There wasn’t really any good reason, but I’ve migrated everything into the wordpress blogging software. Doesn’t it look pretty? It also has various bells and whistles that one can add, such as the various sidebar elements etc. It also has a nice tagging system…