I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow based in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Group at the University of Warwick, UK.

Along with others in the disk group, I work on various theoretical and observational aspects of planet formation and the end results - planets and debris disks - as seen around nearby stars. This includes transiting dust populations, what debris disks tell us about the alignment of orbits in stellar and planetary systems, and the possible impact of exo-Zodiacal dust on future missions to image Earth-like planets around other stars.

I am/have been involved in many collaborations, including large surveys such as ALMA ARKS, ALMA REASONS, LBTI HOSTS, NaCo ISPY, Herschel DEBRIS, JCMT SONS, and Spitzer SpiKeS. The many publications from these and other studies are here.

Our recent papers:

  • A planetary collision afterglow and transit of the resultant debris cloud, Kenworthy et al. 2023
  • An ALMA Survey of M-dwarfs in the Beta Pictoris Moving Group with Two New Debris Disc Detections, Cronin-Coltsmann et al. 2023
  • ALMA and Keck analysis of Fomalhaut field sources: JWST’s Great Dust Cloud is a background object, Kennedy et al. 2023
  • ALMA’s view of the M-dwarf GSC 07396-00759’s edge-on debris disc: AU Mic’s coeval twin, Cronin-Coltsmann et al., 2022
  • ALMA imaging of the M-dwarf Fomalhaut C’s debris disc, Cronin-Coltsmann et al. 2021
  • The unexpected narrowness of eccentric debris rings: a sign of eccentricity during the protoplanetary disc phase, Kennedy 2020
  • A low-mass stellar companion to the young variable star RZ Psc, Kennedy et al. 2020
  • No significant correlation between radial velocity planet presence and debris disc properties, Yelverton, Kennedy, & Su 2020
  • A statistically significant lack of debris discs in medium separation binary systems, Yelverton, Kennedy et al. 2019
  • A circumbinary protoplanetary disc in a polar configuration, Kennedy et al. 2019

Planet smashing

A collision so big it knocked the wind off the planet.

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Fomalhaut C

The debris disk around Fomalhaut A has been known for decades, but it turns out the low mass sibling C has a disk too.

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eta Crv

Perhaps the most promising system for comet-delivered habitable zone dust.

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